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Posted Date : 30th-June-2023
Naukri Mera Adhikaar

Urgent Requirement
Staff nurse 
 Wonderla Holidays Ltd

Required qualification: DGNM/ Bsc- Nursing/PBSC .

KNC Certificate is Mandatory.

Selected candidate comes under Vendor role.

Experience: 1 to 3 years
Preferred: Local candidate.

1.Provide high-quality patient care.
2.Assist with the continuous development of staff.
3.Identify hazards in the workplace and provide solutions.
4.Treat emergency injuries.
5.Develop programs to maintain health and safety.
6.Identify work-related risks.
7.Document all injuries and illnesses.

1.Maintain a positive attitude in a fast-paced environment.
2.Continue professional development activities.
3.Maintain meticulous records.


Location:  Wonderla Holidays Ltd.
Near Bidadi, Bengaluru
Interested Candidate, Drop your CV to 
 or whatsapp CV to 


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