Devops Engineer | Noida, UP

Posted Date : 1st-July-2023
Naukri Mera Adhikaar

Urgent Requirement
Devops Engineer
01+ Years experience

Primary Skill Graduate.
Azure DevOps

Good knowledge of CI/CD Process

• Knowledge of Branching Strategies
• Knowledge of Infrastructure as a code (IAC) with at least AWS, Azure or GCP provider
• Knowledge of any scripting language
• Basic understanding of Docker & Kubernetes
• Basic Understanding of Networking (CIDR, Subnetting, Routing & DNS)
• Understanding of any Cloud Technology
 (AWS, Azure or GCP)
• Basic understanding of hosting
• Basic understanding of Database

• Any OS (Linux or Windows)

Full Time -  Salary Company norms

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Interested Candidate, Share CV:
Devops Engineer Noida India
MR Yadav
Freelancer recruiter. 


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